Our factory has the cold chamber die casting machines for external processing from 120 tons to 400 tons, which can be die-casting and mould manufacturing and mould maintenance by cooperating with the mould department. Casting artificial period of time, the manufacture platform for precision machine to process the comprehensive components.
The thermosetting injection with phenolic resin injection and slug shape of BMC, SMC injection,which can be customized different sizes of quantities of appropriate technology for customers,that makes the mould manufacturing and the product quality costs to be match more reasonable.
The using of hot runner and warm runner,makes the cost of thermoplastic plastics products manufacturing effectively reduced,and makes the quality appearance and the strength of products improved,and weld line significantly reduced.
The Mass production of phenolic resin and BMC can be made the warm runner and the cold runner to inject with no gate,that using the craft and the precision of the injection mould to reach to the strength of the pressing mould.
Our factory has injection moulding machines for external processing from 200 - 1000 grams,which can develop new product with the customers.we adhere to the purpose of "forge ahead,pioneer and innovate,customer first",making customers to their maximized benefits.
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